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Improve today, innovate tomorrow, research the day after tomorrow, prepare for the future


【R & D concept】
Improve today, innovate tomorrow, study the day after tomorrow, prepare for the future
Build a world-class R&D center and lead the industry in technology development.
For the Group to innovate and satisfy the technology, build a long platform for employees.
The service industry creates value and technological innovation drives development.

Endure hardship, work hard, save bright sword
【core value】
Integrity, dedication, improvement, altruism
【Jingbo Family Style】
Justice, patriotism, innovation, diligence, humility, discretion, tolerance, responsibility, democracy, harmony, no excuses, no complaints, no anger, no mistake, respect for superiors, help colleagues, achieve subordinates, growth partners, respect for the weak, benevolent and filial

【Lifetime Task】
Seek happiness for employees, meet needs for customers, operate interests for shareholders, take responsibility for society, and contribute to the party and the country!
Vocational education and training, technological innovation are the two most critical "engines"!
Keep in mind that employees' yearning for a better life, maximizing shareholders' interests and actively assuming social responsibilities are our lifelong goals!